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 Any new home will receive a termite pest treatment certificate. These need to be handed into the town of the City of Cockburn

When you build a new home in the city of Cockburn, you should have a termite protection system installed.  On completion of installation, you will be issued with a Certificate of Termite Treatment post construction.  To maintain your warranty, you will have to have yearly termite inspections done.

If you buy an existing home inthe City of Cockburn, you should request a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection.  This means your property will be checked for Termites and Termite damage before you make an offer to purchase.

In case the property you purchase does not have a Termite Protection System installed, you can have a system installed to protect your new investment from Termites.  Once installed you should have yearly termite inspections done to maintain your system warranty.

Without Termite Control your home’s structural integrity is never safe.

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